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In this four-part series, TransPar discusses the student housing and off-campus transportation market, and what property management professionals should consider when vetting an experienced transportation management organization to help mitigate risk and provide the reliable service their residents expect.


Transportation often tops the list of things student housing property managers love to hate. The constant demands, the significant risk exposure, and the complexities of making shuttles run on-time often distract managers and staff from their core duties as off-campus property management professionals.

Partnering with an experienced transportation management organization (TMO) can reduce the stress and financial strain of providing your residents with a service they expect -- and that makes your property standout.

Engaging a TMO begins by asking yourself the critical question: “What kind of service are we looking to provide?” Like any other professional service, establishing a defined scope will ensure that both you and the TMO clearly understand what you are trying to accomplish.

For example, there are significant cost and operational differences associated with providing year-round, 16-hour services versus something more in line with a university’s academic calendar and class schedules. A clear definition of those service hours can be a major factor in your ability to control the cost of this service, and a knowledgeable TMO can help you understand the pros and cons of different options.


» Transportation is a key differentiator for off-campus properties
» Off-campus residents rely on timely shuttle service
» Erratic service degrades residents’ experiences
» Absent proactive planning, operations are volatile
» Backup plans are crucial for addressing call-offs and breakdowns

Developing and managing a structured transportation service plan that focuses on how to maximize service, minimize cost, and control external concerns like liability management can help transform this value-added service from a burden to a boon for property managers.

To learn more about how TransPar can get your residents to and from campus safely, efficiently, and affordably, check us out online.

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